Novaform specializes in complex development solutions. Where challenges and opportunities compete with each other, strong and effective actions are needed.

For over 30 years Novaform operates in the south, west, east and center part of the Netherlands, bringing together experience in urban or inner city (re)developments, integrated area development and revitalization. In these complicated and complex projects, the knowledge and expercience of Novaform as well as their commitment pay off and confirm the strength of the organization.


Results all stakeholders can be proud of

Where one party only sees problems in urban or inner city (re)development, such as soil pollution, parking space difficulties, architectural integration, archaeological findings or neighborhood interests, Novaform only sees chances. Novaform brings in her plan economical knowledge, as well as her engineering expertise, but also the knowhow of the other companies within the KlokGroep-concern. Novaform is one of the leading members in the KlokGroep. (KlokGroep is one of the most rapidly acting companies on the Dutch real estate market, both in development as in construction work).

Therefore every time Novaform is able to 'translate' her ambition into vision. Visions which are transferred into projects of which all stakeholders are proud of. Off course Novaform first.



Behind the name Novaform hides an ambitious and passionate team existing of directors, real estate developers, technical project managers, commercial managers and administrative & secretarial employees.
Strong construction companies and development companies are brought together in the KlokGroep and their expertise is bundled. Therefore if necessary, Novaform can rely on the knowledge and financial strength of the KlokGroep, but still have its hands completely free to cooperate with third parties.

Through collaboration with business partners and creating together the strongest team and forming a bridge between all players on the market, Novaform creates ambitious projects.